Elemental Balancing

We all know that our body is made of Pancha Mahabhutas or Five Elements. They are Prithvi (Earth), Jala (Water), Agni (Fire), Air (Vayu) and Ether (Akash). For optimum health and vitality balancing the five elements is important. Our thoughts and emotions, stress and diseases are the result of the imbalances in the five elements.Elemental Balancing practices help to bring back the physical, mental and emotional balance. The practices include Holistic Breathing Exercises, Pranayams, Kriya Yoga with special Mudras and Meditation.

Nirmal Kriya and Nirmal Dhyan

‘Yoga’ means union of Individual Consciousness with the Universal Consciousness. In other words, it is the integration of all our energies to create a seven dimensional holistically healthy system. My mentor and Kriya Master, Dr Premji Nirmal, initiated me into Kriya Yoga, the fastest way to achieve wholistically healthy system. He was gifted this knowledge directly by Shri Mahaavatar Babaji in his residence in Thane. Guruji, with his engineering knowledge and scientific background, developed this into an easy scientific system that can be practiced by any householder daily. It is known as Nirmal Kriya which is now practiced in large numbers all over the globe. 

This practice at the onset, starts with breathing. Through breath one experiences the subtle level of Prana. Through the Prana one goes to the subtler level of Kundalini. Further to that, one reaches levels of Higher Consciousness through six steps meditation, known as Nirmal Dhyan. And, at this level, one can heal thyself from physical problems, negative emotions and thoughts and also one’s self-sabotaging patterns. The added benefit is, by integrating all your energies you can actualize your potential and live life as an Enlightened Billionaire, Aisharyavan Muktatma.Every Saturday afternoon we have these sessions which focus on Breath, Energy and Consciousness through Kriya Yoga, Meditation and Sound Bathing. I welcome you to experience this magic through a free session that is held on the last Saturday of every month. Your journey to healthy life-style begins here.

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Shakti Sadhana

Most of us are hardly aware of our breathing patterns. 80 percent of energy that we require to sustain ourselves is obtained through our breath. Unwanted thoughts and emotions influence our breathing patterns. They make our breathing fast and shallow thus leading to depletion of Prana. This is one of the major 4 causes of psychosomatic diseases.Shakti Sadhana is the practice of powerful breathing exercise that raises your Energy to very high levels thus enabling you to live your day with zest and enthusiasm. The practice of Shakti Sadhana helps you correct your breathing patterns to align with the Universal Breathing. 

It cleanses emotional toxins and blockages from past experiences. It raises your Pranic Energy and builds your Awareness to help heal Psychosomatic and Degenerative Diseases. Tuning into Abundance & Prosperity in Seven Dimensions – Everything in Life is vibrating in certain frequency in terms of Energy and Vibration. We attract the vibrations we emit, as per the saying ‘Like attracts like’. Hence the higher our vibrations, greater is the possibility of tuning into the higher frequencies of Abundance and Prosperity. This program, therefore, guides you to raise your vibrations and awareness to the levels where you can overcome all the lower level frequencies that obstruct Abundance and Prosperity in Life.

In this program you will learn

  • To know your Higher Self and connect to Divinity.
  • Remove Negative Attitudes and Emotions.
  • Remove Stress and enjoy peace of mind.
  • Heal and enjoy your Relationships.
  • Attract Wealth naturally without any effort.
  • Feel High Energy and Enthusiasm.
  • Be the Best Performer.

Awareness Development 

We are well versed with the Law of Karma. Therefore, only when we settle all our Karmic accounts then the possibility of Liberation arises. How do we do it then? Awareness Development is the only key to Liberation. Using our Free Will, we can practice Awareness Development regularly, grow spiritually and settle all our Accumulated Karmic Accounts in this lifetime itself.

If we wish, we can make this Life the Last Life!!! In the Awareness Development Program, you are guided to raise your Energy, Awareness and Understanding to levels where you can liberate yourself from any karmic baggage that you carry in the forms of mental and emotional sufferings.

Some of the other programs conducted are:

  • Understanding the Chakras and Chakra Healing.
  • Aura Reading
  • Fundamentals of Swara Yoga
  • Increase your PEVF (Personal Energetic Vibrational Frequency)Sound Healing
  • Children’s Programs
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