Psychics Abilities and Intuitions: What are they and How to Enhance Them

Many people ask me about psychic abilities and intuition, and it shows what they think is essential

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Sound Healing: Treating Depression and the Science Behind it

Sound therapy is a way of healing that uses sound to promote the well-being of body, mind, and

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Wisdom of the Ancients: Into the Heart of Shamanism

If you have heard about shamans, they can heal people by bringing back parts of their souls that

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Ayurveda and Panchkarma: Herbal Remedies to Heal The Spirit

This is an age of modern medicine, yet I find the ancient knowledge of herbal remedies fascinating.

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Healing Your Soul: Astrology for Your Spirit

If you ask me, happiness is more than just feeling suitable for a moment. Deep down, it’s the

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Understanding Spiritual Healing and Its Many Aspects

I remember a short encounter in my life when I had an opportunity to witness how spiritual healing

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