Wisdom of the Ancients: Into the Heart of Shamanism

If you have heard about shamans, they can heal people by bringing back parts of their souls that have gone missing, both in the community and spiritually. It also said they can get rid of bad energy that might make the soul confused or dirty. In several cultures, shamans are like intermediaries who connect people with the spiritual world.


Being a healer can be different for everyone. Some people learn techniques in schools, which makes their path more evident. But for people like me, healing comes naturally. Having both the instincts and training has been really helpful in my work.


Back in time, when I approached to study shamanism, the people who told me about my shamanic initiation pointed out all the strange experiences I’ve had as signs. They said my blood type was necessary, too. They believed what really confirmed it was when I had a spinal cord injury and then got better. In most shamanic cultures, except for those passed down through families, it’s thought that a shaman has to go through a significant change, like being taken apart and put back together.


To be honest, I can’t ignore thousands of years of tradition. Before I knew about shamans, I could sense how the world’s energy moved. Everyone is on the Shamanic Path—it’s just a natural part of life. I don’t think you have to go through a physical breakdown always. It could be anything that really shakes up your life, like emotional or financial challenges. But there has to be something big that makes you stop and really pay attention. Some of us are a bit slow to catch on, so we might need a lot of significant events before we finally realize our calling.


Unfortunately, when exploring shamanism, I was told one couldn’t be a true shaman until healed completely. I kept trying because I knew there was more to it. To heal myself spiritually at that stage, I approached my Guruji, Dr. Prem Nirmal, who led me through activating my chakras and clearing my blockages.


I’ve always had a knack for working with energy. I could see the light inside people’s bodies and how to fix blockages. Sometimes, I felt drained of my energy in the process of healing. I felt like it was my duty, so I never questioned it, even when it left me feeling hurt and weak. Years later, I learned to heal without exhausting myself.


Trying to heal others without proper protection and understanding can be very harmful. If you keep trying, you’ll quickly run out of energy.


My experiences with shamanism reassured me that what I was feeling was real, even if it’s not apparent in modern life. The best ways to learn about shamanic healing and inner child work will vary depending on what you’re looking for and need.


If you feel like you’re being called to something, trust that feeling.

For me, “Medicine” means something totally separate from the typical prescribed “Medication”. I “treat” and “heal.” I also see myself as a guide for a journey that needs to be covered together, partially or entirely.

One fascinating thing about shamanic healing is that it’s not bound by time or space. Shamanism states that our souls can travel through time and space, letting us connect with and heal parts of ourselves from past or future lives. We can also connect with spirits or energies from beyond our world to get healing. This belief in how everything is connected and our ability to reach other realities is a big part of shamanic healing.

It further shows the bond between God, animals, and companions. Scriptures around the world mention several times that animals have souls. This is why animals can be so healing to us humans. I’ve always found animals to be more genuine than humans. They don’t do anything like the harm humans can do to each other.

Sometimes, we wonder, “Why did I connect with a cat, dog, or lion? What does it mean?” However, understanding solely through this lens might not give us the best insight. Let me explain with an example.

Think of a friend who brings different feelings or experiences to your life based on your unique connection with them. The same friend might have a distinct impact on someone else. It’s based on the dynamics between you and that friend. Similarly, a powerful animal enters your life for a reason, based on what you need and how you connect with it. That’s why I suggest exploring the meaning of your power animal through Shamanic Journeying.

In shamanism, you often enter a trance state by listening to drumming. This feels like what happens during meditation. During this state, your power animals guide your journey, helping you find the answers you’re looking for. You might get information through feelings, senses, or visions. It’s a must to let this information flow without trying to understand it right away; you can analyze it later on.

When you go on shamanic journeys, you often discover new information you didn’t know before. For instance, when you need to find a power animal for someone else, you start on a journey with your own power animal. They guide you to where the other person’s power animal is so you can connect. What’s fascinating is that each person’s power animal perfectly matches their personality.

There are also various ways a shaman can learn about the signs, symbols, and messages sent by the spirits to work with. Some can learn through teachings passed down in culture, while others discover through their experiences and experiments.

Shamans commonly interpret these messages by using divination methods like scrying or interpreting dreams and visions. They may also seek advice from other shamans or spiritual elders with more experience with these messages.

Understanding these signs is a personal journey for each shaman and the receiver, achieved by combining traditional teachings, experiences, and guidance from others in the spiritual community.

Each of us has connections with our Spirit Guides, Ancestors, Ascended Masters, loved ones who have passed away, past-life personalities and soulmates, and, of course, with the self. Do you seek to connect with the lost part of your soul? Are you looking to be healed? Connect with me today.

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