Understanding Spiritual Healing and Its Many Aspects

I remember a short encounter in my life when I had an opportunity to witness how spiritual healing takes place in the circle of the world. 

One of my client’s mother was critically ill and bedridden after an attack; she was helpless and went through terrible suffering. A few months later, her younger brother, with whom she was residing, prayed to the Supreme to take on her karma so that she could pass away in peace.

Shortly after, she left serenely. As a result of her blessings, he achieved prosperity. However, he suffers from severe pain in both knee joints. He cannot walk without assistance and relies on vehicles for mobility. But he is an advanced spirit and understands the root cause of his suffering.

Now, to relate, the brother took his mother’s suffering on himself through spiritual healing to unburden her. This is the unseen power of spiritual healing. 

In general, spirituality and its effects can be termed as an umbrella of experiences.

It can include empiricist, humanist, atheistic, agnostic, theistic, and religious perspectives that are deeply personal and unique to each person.

The question is if spiritual healing works?

Healing is restoring the balance of body, mind, and spirit in a person by channelling healing energies through the healer to the patient. Outsiders make many claims, but the exact mechanism of how it works is uncertain and mysterious to them. There are also ongoing scientific studies in this field. 

The proverb, “The more you learn, the less you realize you know,” vibrates with many associated with spiritual healing. Many individuals initially seek explanations for spiritual healing but gradually understand its vague nature through their experiences.

Streamlining spiritual healing as solely the intervention of a higher power, manipulation of human energy or dismissing it as modern nonsense is basic. Each of these explanations, along with many others, merits further exploration.

Although many do not know precisely how it functions, exploring some of the forces that might be involved is still interesting. Before I leaned in as a spiritual healer, I remember reading a potential hint in an understanding of physics, which means science has indications. At the tiny level, everything isn’t made of solid matter but rather dynamic energy pulses that constantly change and affect each other. 

We live in a connected “energy soup.”

As someone who learned about healing, I’ve been taught the essential rules by my Guru to follow and the fundamental principle of channelling healing energy rather than using my own. There are many stories about untrained healers becoming tired and unwell after trying to heal others as if giving away their power.


I understand people still think of all this as just a bunch of strange new ideas. Healing is a very personal and subjective topic, and only a few people in the healing field are trying to change their minds. However, for those who agree with Hamlet’s idea that there are more things in this world than we can imagine, healing can be an exciting study and, in many cases, incredibly helpful for both patients and healers.

From my broad experience as a wholistic healer, I’ve observed a few paths for spiritual healing:

  1. Energy Healing: Through my guidance, my clients have learned that to restore balance and for deep healing, first raise the Energy level through Breathwork and then absorb the vibrations of the Sound to heal the Self.
  2. Mindfulness and Meditation: I advocate for practices that centre on calming the mind, developing awareness, and inner tranquillity. Mindfulness meditation, and breath work assist as tools for spiritual rejuvenation.
  3. Prayer and Intention Setting: Connecting with the collective energy and spiritual connection, I guide seekers in prayer, positive intention setting, and participation in group rituals to invoke transformative healing energies.
  4. Sound and Vibrational Therapy: I lead individuals on a journey of relaxation and healing, using the harmonizing vibrations of instruments, such as singing bowls, finely tuned Solfeggio pipes set to various frequencies, gongs, or chimes, to align their energies and holistic well-being.
  5. Creative Expression: As someone who works with children for mid-brain activations, I encourage recognition of the healing potential of art, music, and dance. It allows individuals to explore emotional release, self-expression, and spiritual discovery through art therapy, music therapy, and dance therapy.

Guidance and wisdom in each modality offer seekers an exceptional pathway to spiritual healing. 

I empower individuals toward self-discovery and transformation by helping them know their life purpose/ikigai. It feels like a calling when I assist my clients in finding the approach that echoes most deeply with their soul’s journey.

Spiritual healing differs from conventional medicine because it focuses on the whole person—mind, body, and spirit. Instead of treating symptoms, it taps into your inner strength and life force. Spiritual healing is about intention, compassion, and energy flow. It aims to restore harmony and balance within ourselves. It complements conventional medicine by addressing your needs and offering hope and inspiration on your healing journey.

From my experiences, I have learned that the physical and spiritual worlds are deeply connected. Spiritual studies suggest that as much as 80% of our life struggles is karmic in nature. Spiritual healing has many aspects. Like, it focuses on cleaning and balancing the energy points in our body, called chakras. It is the understanding of how our thoughts, feelings, and actions impact the flow of energy within us and around us. We’re all on a journey to heal spiritually, and only those who actively seek it will discover it.

If you are also trying to connect with yourself on a deeper level, connect with me right now to experience profound spiritual healing.

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