The Positive Aspect of Balancing Chakras with Sound Therapy

During my childhood, my father played calming tunes during car journeys to help soothe me. Did it have the desired effect? Of course, it did. Though at the time, I was too young to appreciate the beauty of the music. Now that I look back, those tunes lifted me to a state where I felt connected and in tune with the natural world.

Later in life, I stumbled upon the allure of Sound Healing. It captivated me deeply. In 2014, I started my practice as a Certified Sound Therapist under the beloved Guruji, Dr. Prem Nirmal.

Let me brief you about my learning and experiences.

Chakras are an Indian concept.

Our scriptures detail them and describe them as energy hotspots throughout the body along your spine. Do you remember the structure of the leaf- streaks of veins connecting to the main stem?

Similarly, the channels that feed the Chakras are called Nadis. There are 72,000 Nadis, all converging at seven main centres. Each has its centre: Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye, and Crown. Ancient India knew about this energy flow and had techniques to balance it. When your chakras are in sync, life feels easy and harmonious.

I had a client who suffered from Meniere’s disease, high blood pressure, and depression. She felt mentally tired and exhausted. When she took to sound therapy, her experience was very descriptive. 

She described with closed eyes how the gentle shaking of seed pods on embroidered bands carried her to primordial rainforests alive with bird song. Undertones of gongs connected her to a universal life force. The experience echoes the soothing feeling of a purring cat or a gentle rain.

Keeping chakras in check can lead to better health and a more balanced life.

Now, how to fix the jibe?

Luckily, sound can help to balance these chakras. Each chakra has its specific frequency. Tuning into the correct frequencies can align your energy hubs back in sync and boost your vitality. From ancient Tibetan bowls and gongs to tuning forks and crystal pyramids, there are many instruments to choose from.

1)Root Chakra: Ground yourself with the mantra “LAM” for stability and security.
2)Sacral Chakra: Cherish creativity and passion with the mantra “VAM” for emotional balance.
3)Solar Plexus Chakra: Find your sense of self with the mantra “RAM” for confidence and personal power.
4)Heart Chakra: Bring love and compassion into your life with the mantra “YAM” for heart-centered connection.
5)Throat Chakra: Express your truth with the mantra “HAM” for clear communication.
6)Third Eye Chakra: Boost intuition and insight with the mantra “OM” for inner wisdom.
7)Crown Chakra: Connect with divine consciousness with the mantra “OM” for spiritual awakening.
Wait to slouch.

Incorporate these mantras and voice toning into your daily routine. You can use sound healing techniques to balance your chakras of the day. The more frequencies you listen to, the faster your chakras align with those frequencies>

I recall another client, an extremely busy woman. Her work often resulted in frustration and quick anger. Although she was sceptical at first, yet determined to consistently try therapy, the soothing sounds of the bowls and the tongs calmed her soul and after she went through sound therapy, a lot changed. Her anger went down, and her fear of certain things decreased to an extent. I felt genuinely happy for her; she deserved this peace.>

>When I see her, she tells me, “Roma, I’m practising my Kriya daily; I even meditate. I still have to learn a lot from you. I try and talk less now.”>

If you feel that your chakras are unbalanced, many therapies can help you. Besides Mantras, mudras, and crystals, there are particular foods, essential oils and yantras that can all help you achieve harmony between the seven chakra frequencies.>

You also need to address the source of your imbalance to prevent it from reoccurring. You must complete the whole process- digging deep to get your solutions. >

Remember, you control your body and know what’s best for you!>

Choose different sound therapy practices to balance your chakras and fit your unique energy and body needs. Explore your body and connect with yourself, expand your consciousness, fostering growth, mental peace activating your innate chakras. If you can resonate with these words you are in a profound journey. To get started to realingn and harmonise all aspects of your life connect now!>

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