The Fundamentals of Seven Chakra

The Fundamentals of Seven Chakra and the Art of Balancing Them

This topic has my undivided attention. I’ll give a detailed but helpful answer

Think of your body like an old-style light bulb, not the modern LED ones. Like a bulb emits light, your body “glows” with life. According to Yoga, this vitality comes from something called “prana,” a subtle life force within you.

When you pass away, this prana leaves your body, and well, you become… just a lifeless body.

So, where does this prana come from? It comes from three sources: food, drink, and air, which you know are the three states of matter. Once in the body, prana travels through the nerves, or “nadis.”

It’s important to understand that neither prana nor nadis are physical things. But they show up physically in the body, like electrons in electricity. Can you see electrons? No, but you can see their effect through the light from the filament.

Nadis come in three main types: Pingala, Ida, and Sushumna.

Let me simplify them into physiological equals: the sympathetic nervous system, the parasympathetic nervous system, and the spinal cord (remember, nadis aren’t physical)..

Pingala, which means “yellow,”  represents the sun. It is like the sympathetic nervous system, exciting the body. Ida describes the moon as the parasympathetic nervous system relaxing the body. While Ida and Pingala are spread throughout the body, there are seven points where they cross with Sushumna, or the spinal cord, creating something as given below.

The seven primary chakras are called:

Muladhara, located at the base of the spine.
1)Swadhisthana, above the genitals.
2)Manipura, below the navel.
3)Anahata, beneath the rib cage.
4)Vishuddhi, at the throat.
5)Ajna, between the eyebrows and
6)Sahasrara, also called Brahmrandhra, is at the crown of the head, where a baby’s soft spot is found when they are born.

For the human body to be healthy and functioning well, all seven chakras need to remain balanced and open. If they somehow get blocked due to sedentary lifestyle, poor diet, lifestyle habits or excessive stress, one experiences immense physical and emotional distress related to the chakra that has been blocked. Only through disciplined living can one truly grasp one’s spiritual nature. It shows there’s no division between our everyday life and our spirits.

In ancient times, life itself was considered spiritual. 

The whole cosmos is seen as one family, Jagadisvara, from which the term Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam also sprouts.

Defining the chakra awakening involves two main parts. First, recognize that your existence isn’t limited to the body and mind. Second, you must understand the relationship between your reality and the supreme Brahman.

How do you achieve that?

It starts with discipline to prepare your body and mind for the awakening. It occurs when the Sushumna Nadi is active. When the Sushumna Nadi is active, it triggers the Kundalini Shakti from the base of the spine. However, these spiritual experiences unfold gradually. It should only be pursued with the guidance of a guru.

When the Kundalini ascends through the first three chakras, intense sexual thoughts may arise with greater force than before due to the heightened energy. Without knowing how to manage these thoughts, the nervous system could be severely disrupted, affecting mental health.

But with a Guru’s guidance, external disturbances won’t affect your life, and your actions will be successful as your soul connects with the supreme cosmic power. You’ll also be able to help others effortlessly. Your words will manifest into reality—the power of speech turning into reality.

Here are some critical lessons about chakras from my viewpoint

  • The seven main chakras run along the body’s energy pathway, from the base of the spine to the top of the head. Each chakra relates to physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being

  • Energy Flow: Understand that the chakras regulate the flow of life force energy (prana) throughout your body. When they’re in sync and aligned, energy moves freely, supporting overall health and balance

  • Chakra Awareness: Develop a keen awareness of your chakras and their unique characteristics. Regularly check in with each one, sensing its energy and noticing any imbalances or blockages.

  • Balance and Clearing: Learn methods to balance and clear your chakras, such as meditation, breathing exercises, visualization, sound therapy, energy healing, and using crystals. Please keep track of any imbalances and address them regularly to maintain optimal energy flow.

  • Mind-Body Connection: recognize the profound link between your chakras and your physical, emotional, and mental health.

  • Imbalances in the chakras can manifest as physical issues, emotional turmoil, or mental struggles

  • Emotional Healing: Understand that your chakras can store unresolved emotions and traumas. By working with your chakras, you can release and heal these emotional wounds, promoting greater emotional well-being and personal growth.

  • Spiritual Growth: Envelop in the spiritual dimension of the chakras. Each represents a spiritual development stage from grounding and stability to higher consciousness and transcendence. Expanding your chakras can support your spiritual journey and deepen your connection to your true self.

  • Self-Reflection and Self-Inquiry: Take time for self-reflection and self-inquiry to explore the deeper layers of each chakra. Consider how your thoughts, beliefs, and actions influence the balance and vitality of your chakra system.

  • Integration and Wholeness: Understand that the goal is to achieve harmony among all your chakras rather than focusing solely on individual ones. Balancing and aligning your entire chakra system leads to a state of wholeness and integration.

    Remember that balancing your chakras is an ongoing journey that requires patience and dedication. It may take time to see results, but you can enhance your physical, emotional, and spiritual health with consistent practice.

    There are many levels of awakening; one aspect of this process involves becoming aware of the chakras. Connect with me now if you also look forward to aligning your chakras and experiencing peace. I can teach you many lessons to balance the chakras and lead a life of fulfilment and prosperity. 

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