Sound healing

Did you know that everything around us, including our own bodies and cells, vibrate? When you’re feeling sick or stressed, your vibrations might dip lower, making you feel sluggish, fizzy, or exhausted. But do you know that by tuning our bodies to higher vibrations, we can rejuvenate and heal our cells.

Sound Healing is an ancient technique that uses Solfeggio Pipes, Tibetan Singing bowls, gongs, and other instruments to raise your personal energetic vibrational frequency that automatically puts you into peaceful meditation. It soothes nerves, optimizes energy flow, boosts the lymphatic system, relieves insomnia, and restores balance in your cells and much more.

Sessions on Sound Healing

–          Personal Sound Healing Sessions – Therapeutic

–          Group Sound Bath Workshops

–          Sound Healing Courses

Benefits of Sound Healing

– Lowers stress levels: Feel your stress and anxiety melt away as calming sounds envelop you.

– Decreased symptoms of anxiety and depression: Eases feelings of anxiety and depressive moods.

– Improved memory: Boosts up the ability to remember and recall information.

– Lower blood pressure levels: Promotes healthier blood pressure and natural detoxification process.

– Alleviates pain: Reduces the sensation and impact of pain.

– Reduced cholesterol levels: Helps in lowering harmful cholesterol.

– Lower risk of cardiovascular diseases and strokes: Decreases the likelihood of heart-related health issues and strokes.

Don’t just take our word for it – experience the magic of Sound Healing for yourself! If you’re dealing with stress, sleep issues, or simply looking for a way to feel more balanced and energized. In that case, Sound Healing can be your path to a healthier, happier you.

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Rediscover the harmony within you and let the power of sound elevate your life. 




Discover the Power of Your Breath: The Magic of Prana

Did you know that your breath holds the key to a vibrant life? In Sanskrit, ‘Prana’ means life, energy, or breath. The Chinese call it ‘Chi,’ and in the West, it’s known as ‘vital force.’ From the moment we’re born, this life force flows through us with every breath we take. When Prana leaves our body, we pass away. 

Why is Prana So Important?

Around eighty percent of the Energy that we require to sustain ourselves is acquired through our breath. We are hardly aware of our breathing patterns. In Samarpan, we teach to keep this life force strong and healthy by engaging in all our senses. The feeling of breathing deeply, savoring nutritious foods, and immersing yourself in beautiful sights and pleasant smells is joyful to all. 

Breathwork is a unique and powerful practice because it’s something you can control. It connects your body, mind, and spirit, creating a link between physical, mental, and spiritual realms. 

The Incredible Benefits of Breathwork:

– Strengthens Your Immune System: Boost your body’s natural defense against infections.

– Calms and Focuses Your Mind: Achieve mental clarity and tranquility.

– Enhances Lung Capacity: Improve the efficiency and volume of your lungs.

– Boosts Metabolism: Accelerate your body’s metabolic rate for better energy use.

– Improves Digestion: Aid your body in more efficient digestive processes.

– Removes Toxins: Facilitate the elimination of harmful substances from your body.

– Manages Chronic Illnesses: Assist in controlling conditions like asthma, allergies, stress, hypertension, diabetes, thyroid issues, heart problems, insomnia, and depression.

Ready to Breathe Life into Your Wellness Journey?

Breathwork can make the feeling vibrant, focused, and healthy on everyday basis a reality! If you’re dealing with stress or chronic illness or just want to enhance your overall well-being, breathwork offers multiple and long-term benefits.

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Breathe in vitality, breathe out stress, and let Prana guide you to a balanced and energized life. 

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