Sound Healing: Treating Depression and the Science Behind it

Sound therapy is a way of healing that uses sound to promote the well-being of body, mind, and emotions. The idea behind sound therapy is that everything in the universe vibrates, including our bodies. These vibrations can make us feel physically or emotionally unbalanced if these vibrations are not in harmony. Sound therapy tries to fix this by using sound frequencies to balance our vibrations, making us feel better and helping us heal.

I want to share a story with you. This is a story about my client, and I have received his permission to narrate it.

I was once on Instagram Live when a guy messaged me. He said he has PTSD from his time in the military, and doctors keep giving him medicine that doesn’t help.

I told him he could talk to me anytime, even though I’m not from the medical field. I mentioned that sometimes, just talking can help. Then he asked if I might be able to help him. It’s worth a try since everyone’s different. I invited him for sound therapy at Samarpan Healing Spa and gave him a thorough sound healing therapy, and then he left. After waiting to hear from him for a few days, I realized my techniques might not help. We all have moments of self-doubts, don’t we?

A few days later, I received a long text of gratitude from him. He messaged me saying he slept really well for the first time in a long while after the sound therapy.

He mentioned he started to sleep three hours and then, little by little, eight hours, and he proceeded to sleep well all night. He also shared my content with other soldiers who have PTSD, and it helped them, too. It felt amazing to know that it was making a positive difference for people who have gone through tremendous stress and trauma.

Sound therapy can help with problems such as long-lasting pain, worry, sadness, and sleeping troubles. It’s usually combined with other therapies, like spiritual healing, to make them even better.

In my experience with offering Sound Therapy, it works in several ways. First, the sound waves from the instruments align with the body’s vibrations, giving a sense of relaxation and reducing stress levels. Additionally, the body’s natural rhythms synchronize with the sound waves, leading to a calming effect that alleviates anxiety and sadness.

Vibrational sound therapy uses various sound frequencies to make your body feel balanced and in harmony. For this, healers often use instruments like singing bowls, Tibetan bowls, tuning forks, gongs, chimes, and drums.

The soothing sounds help you relax and feel calm, aiding in healing and making your body healthier. This therapy can also help reduce persistent pain, decrease blood pressure, and strengthen the body’s defence system. Nowadays, I’ve noticed that sound healing is becoming popular. Many people are finding out about the benefits of sounds.

They’ve learned that sound can help change how our brain works through entrainment. Our brain has different types of waves.

When you’re really focused, your brain produces super-fast beta waves. Alpha waves happen when your brain is calm and relaxed. Theta waves come up when you’re daydreaming or in REM sleep. And delta waves are the slowest and come when you’re in deep, dreamless sleep.

Entrainment occurs when our brainwaves sync up with a steady rhythm or frequency. This can help us feel better by helping our brainwaves get into a good pattern.

Sound Healing uses rhythm and frequency to help you do this. It can make you relax deeply and can also help with stress, anxiety, and feeling sad. If you are struggling to sleep like my client, sound healing might help with that, too. Sometimes, we hold onto bad feelings, but sound healing can help release them, making me feel more balanced and centered.

The increase in popularity of sound healing and therapy has got scientists interested in how it affects the brain and could help with specific health issues and emotions. There are more than 400 scientific articles about using sound as medicine. They found that sound can help our mood and make us less stressed. Rhythm is especially good at easing physical pain.

In one study, people spent an hour doing sound meditation, which helped them feel less tense, sad, and worried. They used tools like crystal singing bowls and Tibetan bowls. Even people who hadn’t tried sound meditation before felt better after the session, with less tension and worry.

Sound has been used for a long time to heal our spirits. But now, science is looking into how it helps us physically and mentally. A healthy body has vibrations inside, a beautiful symphony playing smoothly. Sound can link brain waves on both sides of the hemisphere, which scientists call brainwave entrainment. Sound healing can help with feeling sad by using high-frequency sounds that give us lots of energy. This can activate neurons in our brains and help us feel better.

In sound healing, there are different ways to share sounds. Use your own voice, listen to others singing, or enjoy music. This helps create balance and wellness in your mind and body.

Are you feeling hopelessness, depression, or sadness? If so, I can help. Connect with me today to unravel the voice of the universe through sound healing therapy.

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