Overcome Fear and let go of the anxiety with Sound Healing

I had led a highly successful banking career and was earning well financially. I enjoyed good health, cherished the relationship with my daughter that I’d always dreamed of, and was surrounded by loved ones. However, this reality took a turn.

Just a few years back, I experienced the dying process of my dear one. Even after establishing a profitable business and coming from an influential background, I remained emotionally hollow.

I recall contemplating travelling long hours and staring blankly into the sky during my commute to work, as it seemed preferable to enduring another day of despair.

Fortunately, I chose not to. I made a firm decision to enact a change.

I resolved to conquer the void, feels of guilt and despair without relying on medication or undergoing lengthy therapy sessions. And I’m very grateful that I did.

Through sound healing in the guardianship of my Guru, Dr Prem Nirmal, and Guruma, Mrs. Bharati Nirmal, and adopting the change in mindset I was able to get permanently and naturally rid of phenomena such as loneliness, anxiety and unknown fear. I am sure anyone can achieve this.

Let’s dive into it right away.

Sound has been used for remedial purposes since ancient times. The Vedic culture of India discusses the use of sacred instruments to generate vibrations that restore harmony and the feeling of peace and wellness. Practices like bells, gongs, and drums were also observed in Chinese traditions to heal the body, mind, and spirit.

In more recent history, Dr. John Upledger did research highlighting sound’s therapeutic qualities. Sound therapy can boost the body’s blood circulation, reduce inflammation in case of accidents or diseases, and boost the human immune system.

But how does that help with anxiety and Fear?

I already hear you asking, ‘What?’ and ‘Who are you?’ But the truth is, nobody wants to be depressed!

But hold on a moment before you start frowning. Let me clarify.

On Dr. David Hawkins’ consciousness scale, Fear ranks low. Yet, it can hinder progress in different aspects of life, manifesting in subtle or overt ways. Addressing Fear requires more than minute understanding; it demands concrete, results-driven solutions.

Sound vibrations at different hertz offer different elevations from Fear to joy and clear obstacles to personal and professional success.

Sound is another form of energy, and vibration is how that energy moves.

When we produce sound, we absorb energy, which has a considerable influence over our bodies, emotional or physical. Sound healing helps reestablish equilibrium and lucidity, addressing overall well-being concerns.

The human brain is in a continuous state of awake. When swamped with a buzzing mind, it can trigger worry and unease. Anxiety disorders, as reported by trusted associations, afflict millions of adults. As a result, it makes it the most prevalent mental health condition.

The study examined the impact of various sound types on participants’ stress levels. Sounds described by a slow rhythm, similar to nature or traditional music, showed a calming influence. On the other hand, faster-paced sounds took stress levels to new heights.

Sound can activate the release of endorphins, natural chemicals in the body that promote well-being.

The endorphins respond spontaneously to different stimuli, counting sounds as well. These hormones are neurotransmitters that bind to opioid receptors within the brain to reduce pain and bring a sense of contentment. Based on my observations, the pleasure derived from enjoying music may be credited, at least in part, to the release of such hormones.

So, how on earth is it a choice? Consider it from this perspective.

You can incorporate sound healing into your daily life through many avenues. One approach involves practicing meditation with a source of sound. Chanting a mantra or playing an instrument during meditation sessions can also help you concentrate and relax. As an added bonus, it can also make you sleep like a baby. You can play tapes or music featuring soothing natural sounds to promote relaxation and aid in falling asleep.

An added way to use sound healing is through therapeutic applications. If you are grappling with stress, anxiety, or depression issues, sound therapy offers potential benefits. Techniques and meditative instruments can be practiced to harmonize the body’s energy and rekindle a sense of calmness and tranquility.

Somewhere along the way, these healing practices can be included in many ways in everyday life for happiness and growth.

To Meditate and Relax: Sound healing can help you meditate deeply and relax.

Balancing the Seven Chakras: Every chakra matches a precise frequency and sound healing can stabilize and synchronize these centers for vigor and peace.

Release Emotional Buildups: Vibrations can enter your body’s emotional layer. They release blocked energy and emotional jams that may be leading to distress.

More Creative and Intuitive: Sound healing fuels the right hemisphere of our brain. It promotes creative thinking and builds instinct and inner direction.

Cheer Up Overall Health: Sound healing has been known to lessen aches, recover sleep quality, decrease blood pressure, improve the immune system, and, in general, complete health.

The Bottom Line

Sound healing has emerged as a potent yet often overlooked means to care for health and well-being. Accessible to all, experience the power of sound healing techniques for a variety of approaches. For those intrigued by this practice, please explore the resources with me and experiment with techniques to determine what resonates most effectively with you.

I faced a choice: give in to the mental pressure or get out of it. I could have accepted depression and anxiety as a permanent part of my life, but I refused to do so.

Now, if you are confronted with a similar decision. Will you allow this ailment to conquer you, impair your well-being, and lower your quality of life? Or will you confront it head-on and prevail?

If you want to conquer it, let’s discover it together. Just like my Guru helped me, I can assist you in finding the meaning of life and triumph over anxiety and Fear. I’m rooting for you; contact me today to live a fulfilled and happier life with sound healing.

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