How do singing bowls and tongs amplify healing?

Years ago, I had a fond memory during a trek in McLeodGanj, Dharamshala. I stumbled upon a roadside shop filled with intriguing curios and artefacts. While exploring the streets with my group, we paused at this shop. Watching the Tibetan shopkeeper demonstrate, I attempted to ‘rim’ a bowl for the first time. The bowl emitted a clear, melodious tone, which captivated me instantly.

What thrilled me was realizing that I was the only one in our group who could produce the desired sound. While others struggled to coax anything more than awkward ‘jazz’ and ‘tong’ noises from the bowls, I felt a rush of pride at what I presumed to my newfound skill, acquired in a mere thirty seconds of practice.

So enamoured was I by this accomplishment that I purchased the bowl for Rs 750. It was my trophy.

It wasn’t until much later that I realized there’s a whole world beyond simply showing off with singing bowls (or gongs, ting-shaws, bells, tongs, and the like) during treks. Reaching their more profound potential for calming, healing, and other beneficial purposes took years. That’s when I realized that there is another field of sound therapy or sound healing.

Sound is woven into the fabric of our lives

Sound healing is quite common and far from being a closely guarded secret. Many of us have been exposed to the power of sound and harmonic vibrations since childhood, often through various ceremonies or religious practices. You may have experienced rhythmic drumming, joyful clapping, soulful singing, soothing chanting, etc. These practices were initially intended to elevate vibrations, align energies, and uplift spirits.

Think back to those moments when your grandmother or mother sang lullabies to soothe you to sleep. Their gentle songs calmed you, easing worries and promoting peace and security. These age-old practices reveal the innate understanding of the healing potential of sound and its ability to influence our emotional and energetic states.

Sound therapy is considered as an alternative healing method. It utilizes vibrational frequencies to address or complement treatment for various physiological, mental, and emotional conditions.

It alleviates stress, anxiety, high blood pressure, depression, sleep disorders, and physical discomfort. Through a gentle process, it shifts to create a harmonious adjustment, synchronizing and modifying your fluctuating brainwaves by providing a steady, soothing frequency until the brain regulates itself.

This transition typically involves a shift from the normal waking consciousness state (beta) to a more relaxed state (alpha) and, in some cases, may even induce meditative (theta) or deep sleep (delta) states where internal healing processes can naturally unfold.

What I truly love is the know-how of a sound bath. It is a gentle submerge in a pool of pleasant sounds. It invites the body to release tension and relax on every level. This session lasts about an hour and requires you to recline and unwind.

There’s no need to actively engage with the sounds; you’re encouraged to simply let go.

Initially, feeling a sense of restlessness is expected, as you’re accustomed to the hustle and bustle of daily life. However, the sounds gradually envelop you to a deep, cellular surrender. By the time it draws to a close, the sensation is truly indescribable.

It has taught me the importance of unwinding and distancing myself from stressful circumstances. We often find ourselves jammed in matters of negativity. This repetitive pattern traps the mind into pessimism, where it continually sees the downside of situations.

Engaging with my bowls, gongs, or even a single bowl has proven life-changing. I strive to sit with my instruments at least three or four times a week whenever possible, even if only for a brief five-minute session

Some clients experienced insomnia disappearing after just two sessions, while others felt calm for days and functioned better. One reported a remarkable reduction in her long-standing IBS symptoms, and another gained clarity on significant life decisions. While the results vary, the benefits of sound therapy can be transformative on multiple levels.

Sound is built into our lives.

We often need to fully realize its profound impact. Whether it’s jarring and disruptive or soothing, comforting, and imbued with healing qualities, sound shapes our experiences at the deepest level. Whether originating from the external world or the ceaseless internal ‘chatter’ within our minds, sound remains an ever-present companion in our journey through life.

Perhaps this is why, many years following that memorable trek, I found myself gazing into its depths with a peculiar, unexplainable sensation as I held my first handmade healing bowl. It was as if my entire life was swirling within that bowl. I felt a sacredness and reverence.

If you feel that grips are tightening around you and you don’t seem to find peace or calmness around yourself, I can extend a hand to help you. Connect with me to heal your mind and soul with the sounds of the universe.

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