Sound will be the medicine of the future – Edgar Cayce

Sound Healing or Naada Yoga is an ancient science, a rich heritage of our culture. Sound heals at the mental and emotional levels and its vibrations heal at the cellular level. In the universe everything vibrates at a certain frequency. In the human body each cell has a healthy frequency. Factors like wrong diet, negative thoughts and high stress levels disturb and disrupt the rhythm. They lower our vibrations below the Healthy Frequency resulting in Disease.

With lot of research by many scientists, this Science of Vibrations is now available to common man. It is easy, simple, cost effective, result-oriented, non-invasive, and long lasting. During sound therapy as the cells start vibrating negativity surfaces and is released. This is how healing takes place. At Samarpan the solutions provided are holistic. Each person is unique! So, solutions are unique too. We use Tibetan singing bowls and tuned frequency pipes for personal as well as group healing sessions. A combination of Breath, Sound and Meditation is used to create deep relaxation which brings about a balanced and positive state of Body – Mind.


My Guru, and mentor, Dr. Premji Nirmal has patented the technology of EVT, i.e. Elemental Vibration Therapy. This methodology brings about the changes at the elemental level by injecting specific vibrations with therapy grade tuned brass healing pipes. A revolutionary breakthrough in this field.

In personal sound therapy sessions, we first focus on counselling to identify the problems and give individualised therapy. This works at the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels and helps alleviate deep-rooted pains, fears and chronic stress. We have successfully used sound therapy on people experiencing chronic and acute pain like knee 7 osteoarthritis, frozen shoulder, backache, etc. In many cases of insomnia, sound therapy has helped people get rid of sleeping pills.


Sound Meditation Therapy is also provided for:

  • Energy Balancing (Chakra Balancing)
  • Stress Removal | sleep disorders | Depression
  • Fear Removal & Confidence Building (Navel Activation)
  • Removal of Self-Sabotaging Patterns
  • Pain Relief | Migraine | Frozen Shoulder | Spondylosis | Knee Pain |Arthritis
  • De-addiction
  • Various other conditions and illnesses
  • Cancer and many other diseases
  • Diabetes
  • Healing to ADHD and other Spl. Children

In our regular Meditation sessions, sound frequencies and vibrations are used very effectively to experience a deep meditative state

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