Finding Joy in Everyday Life: Simple Habits for a Positive Lifestyle

In the earlier part of this month, I had been visiting a few places to attend weddings. While the weddings have been glamorous, travelling after a long time drained me a little. It was a general episode and happens to almost everybody. For me, however, it persisted.

But amidst the turmoil, I discovered something that made everything worth it. I was sipping chai at Nagpur Station. It was around midnight, and the train I was supposed to switch had been late.

The platform was almost empty, and mosquitoes played the Excalibur O Fortuna for me. Swinging with sleep agitated me a bit.  A while later an old lady came to sit right next to me. She was a railway staff as I judged from the apron. The surprise element was a little kitten she had in her pouch.

I sparked the conversation by hinting that it was dangerous for the kitty as stray dogs might attack her. She laughed husky, ‘And why am I here for? It’s my one job to take care of this being.’

I went quiet. I didn’t ask her anything when she started telling me something in a shallow but compassionate tone. “After losing my husband to malaria and my son to a car accident, I felt nothing. Sleepless nights and empty days consumed me. But one evening, this stray kitten followed me home. Its simple presence brought warmth back into my life. I offered it some milk as I watched it purr and rub against my leg. In that moment, I found a reason to smile again.”

“The essence of life lies not in one’s own happiness, but in the joy one can bring to others through their actions.”

I kept staring at her for a long time, as I contemplated her words were wiser than many well-educated gens nowadays. It would be much simpler if we could just understand the basics.

You, my gracious reader, are in control of your life. But what I can do for you is guide you to find a much-fulfilled life day after day.

  • Starting Your Day with Positivity andPurpose

    1)When the dawn breaks, don’t slap Instagram on your face first thing.
    2)It could be with a gentle stretch and a steaming cup of tea.
    3)I need you to set your intentions right and express gratitude and joy with each moment.
    4)Muster some courage to do the things that seem harsh to you. The 7 AM Courage, as I call it.
    5)Even if you feel like going to bed and returning to sleep the day, try approaching every task enthusiastically

    But you know what I really need you to do, keep your hands on your heart and thank the Universe for the day.

    You can say, “I know this day will be better than expected.”

    Engage in Physical Activity to Boost Mood and Energy Levels

    I would appreciate it if my words could break your cycle of lethargy. Please, don’t be a couch potato of all possible things you can be. Lace up and hit the pavement. With determination, pound the ground. Some exercise will lift your mood and raise your energy.

    Studies have concluded that physical activity boosts spirits and releases happy hormones. So why not do it every day?

    Connecting with Nature to Find Peace and Inspiration Outdoors

  • Sometimes, the chaos of the city gets in the head, and peace becomes a yearning. You can choose to escape to the nearby woods if you will. Surrounded by towering trees and the gentle sounds of nature while witting by a bubbling brook and watching the sunlight dance on the water’s surface, it feels solace and mystical.

    Sit in the park or trek the mountains. Gardening works, too. Nature has a profound sense of calm and inspiration. Find tranquillity in it.

    Practicing Acts of Kindness by Spreading Joy and Positivity to Others

    As the lady at the station highlighted, doing good makes you feel fulfilled. Even when you have nothing to give, be kind with your words and actions. Even if it’s something you don’t like.

    Small gestures like holding doors open or surprising strangers with acts of kindness may brighten countless lives. With each smile you inspire, your own heart will overflow with happiness.

    Embracing Hobbies and Passions through Creativity and Fulfilment

    Now tell me! Do you love to draw, or do visiting museums make you happy.

    What makes you happy and passionate? What are you curious about?

    Every brushstroke must pour your passion onto the canvas if you’re an artist. If you dance, break the floor with your moves.

    Go out and live life; it’s your one-time chance!

    The Closing lines

    Feel happy in whatever you do and whatever you pursue.

    Everything is temporary; YOU are permanent.

    And nothing else should matter; at the end of life, you are answerable to yourself. The materials you earn in life will not accompany you. Only happy memories will follow you and everyone else around. If this doesn’t help you, you still feel like discussing it. Don’t roam around with that shallow smile.

    If you are sensing, is it time to reach out?  I’m available. Let’s connect, and I’ll assist you on your journey to find happiness that goes deeper.

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