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Meditation shows you that you’re not just your thoughts and feelings but also the one watching them. When you see yourself this way, the darkness inside also disappear?

When you take time for yourself, you’ll rediscover your authentic self—the one you lost touch with as you grew up. This part of you will make you feel so full of love that it might feel overwhelming like you have to share it to stop it from bursting?

Dictation should focus on connecting with the self, not just our body or mind. Some people might mistake getting lost in their thoughts for Meditation. But Meditation is actually a component of ancient yoga, which reaches the inner self and soul, going beyond just your body and thoughts.?

There is a client I know who has been dealing with type 1 diabetes for over a decade. He started Meditation back in 2016. It didn’t magically fix his diabetes, but it did make a difference in how he felt. Then came this Vipassana retreat, ten days of hardcore silence and strict rules. Sounds harsh, right? But it changed everything. Even though sitting still for that long wasn’t easy, the mental junk was enormous. Suddenly, he needed less insulin, felt tougher against stress, and was generally chill with his ways of life. And get this, it wasn’t only his diabetes—his job got better, relationships were smoother, and he felt happier overall.?

It turns out that reducing stress can help with blood sugar levels. Meditation isn’t a magic cure, but it has its perks. For him and other people with diabetes, it’s like a secret for staying healthy, both in mind and body, with no nasty side effects to worry about.?

When practiced correctly with guidance from a genuine teacher, yoga and Meditation can bring benefits to both your body and mind. Hatha yoga is great for physical fitness, perhaps the best, but the primary intent of yoga isn’t just to have a healthy, toned body; it’s to connect with God.

Yoga, which means union or connection, isn’t truly yoga

If there’s no connection between yourself and God, it’s just exercise. True Meditation involves concentrating the mind on the self.?

I have observed for a long that many yoga groups, especially in the West, focus mainly on the body. So, they’re not really practising yoga despite using the name?

In the Bhagavad Gita, Lord Krishna mentions that the highest form of yoga, the ultimate goal, is bhakti-yoga.?

Bhakti-yoga, which is about devotion to God and involves meditating on the Almighty, is like a roadmap for guiding the soul back from its current mistaken identity with the body to its true nature as part of God.?

This process is also what we call religion. The Latin word “re-legare” means to reconnect. We’re familiar with “Lego,” which means “I connect.” So, religion is not only to ‘believe in God’ as some people suggest—it’s a method to reconnect with God.

In Sanskrit, the same concept is expressed as yoga, which means to connect or unite.?

So, yoga, Meditation or religion is essentially the science of uniting with God.?

I can quote from my experience that just meditating won’t enlighten you. It’s a helpful tool that brings you closer, but there’s more to it. You also need a deep desire to uncover the truth about yourself. If you’re inclined towards religion, this longing might show up as a desire to connect with the Divine in your worship.?

Many methods can help you get closer to your goal. They can give you strong support along the way. Here are a few:

1) Mouna, or Inner Silence, helps you become more at ease with what’s inside you. It could be thoughts or anything your senses perceive. It teaches you to concentrate on a particular subject and shift focus when needed. This practice leads to a calm, refreshed state of mind and improves overall mental focus. Try it if you lead a busy life and have a very active mind. A general session lasts between 30 to 45 minutes.

2) Ajapa Japa, Meditation on the Psychic Breath or Ujjayi, can boost energy levels and cleanse your subconscious mind. It has the potential to uplift your mood and invigorate your entire being. Consistent practice of Ajapa Japa can make you feel very dynamic. The final stage of Ajapa Japa involves experiencing your whole being, often accompanied by a sense of silence, peace, and joy. A general session lasts between 30 to 45 minutes.

3) Kriya Yoga is like Ajapa Japa on another level; it is supercharged. While Ajapa Japa is effective at clearing the subconscious and taking you deeper, Kriya Yoga is the master of this. It guides you through carefully designed stages to energize you and lead you into a reflective experience of your most authentic self (Swarupa). Kriya Yoga combines postures, visualizations, hand gestures, and energy locks. Ujjayi breathing is used at different points in this Meditation. Since reaching your true self involves journeying through every layer of your being, there’s no better meditation than this. It touches upon every aspect of who you are. A short session can last 30 to 45 minutes, but a complete Kriya program usually takes several hours.

I have seen many individuals learning Meditation from books or the internet these days. But personally, I wouldn’t advise this approach. The central teachings on Yoga and Meditation in various scriptures advise learning these practices only from an experienced teacher, like a Guru. Why?

One big reason is that you need a DVD, CD, or book to correct your mistakes. You might think you’re doing it right, but you will only know for sure with someone to guide you. If we need a teacher to learn simple things like driving a car or cooking, wouldn’t we also need guidance for something as subtle as managing our minds and thoughts? However, with a good teacher, learning Meditation is relatively easy. Some techniques can help you reach a state of mind where Meditation happens naturally and effortlessly.?

If you’re eager to experience Meditation, then you can try guided Meditation through my teachings. I can lead you into Meditation and help you to meditate independently. Connect with me if you are seeking to meditate to explore your divine connection or if you seek to do so to attain any health benefits.?

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