Samarpan was started by me, Roma Biswas, with the mission of making people aware about the importance of inner energy and spiritual strengths that play a major role in one’s total well-being and multi-dimensions of health.

I am a certified Sound Therapist, Wisdom Coach, and Counsellor, Breathwork, and Meditation Counductor. With a rich experience more than a decades,  I have now devoted my life to help individuals come out of their Health, Wealth and Relationship issues.

After completion of more than 3 decades in the Banking Industry, I took VRS in 2016 to complete my Life Mission. Besides being the Founder of Samarpan  healing Spa, I am also the Proprietor of Fabmech Engineers, a mechanical engineering workshop. We are the engineers, contractors and fabricators of various machines, machine parts and industrial precision products.

 My lifelong passion has been spiritual development and healing, which is why I celebrated Samarpan’s post-retirement birthday in Vakola in May of 2016.

The quest of knowing Thyself and merging back into the Supreme Energy was strongly present since childhood. 

The quest led me to various mystics and enlightened Masters. I met my Spiritual Guru/Mentor Dr. Guruji Prem Nirmal in 2007 at Dehri Ashram, Kalyan, in an event. He was aware of my previous life journey and reminded me that I was a Kriya Yogi and the sadhana has to continue in this life too. He brought me to his Spiritual Centre – TAO, in Thane.  I learned Kriya Yoga (Nirmal Kriya) from him.  I understood that my quest to know Thyself ends here. Finally, I had found my Guru who will guide and help me complete my Soul journey.

Soon, I became a part of the TAO/Om Prem Sangha family, in Thane. Dr. Guruji Prem Nirmal and Guruma Bharti Nirmal, both Enlightened Masters, teach Householders’ Spirituality.


Under their tutelage, I was initiated into Nirmal Kriya. 

Dr. Guruji Premji Nirmal is a direct disciple of Shree Mahaavataar Babaji. After being gifted the knowledge of Kriya directly from Babaji, Guruji with his engineering and scientific background developed Kriya into an easy scientific system which  can be practiced easily by every householder on a daily basis. Babaji has lately initiated Guruji with 200+ Kriyas.

Besides learning Nirmal Kriya and Nirmal Dhyaan, I have also learnt Aura Reading, Astral Travel, Kashmir Shaivism, Awareness Development, Sound Healing, know your Ikigai, actualizing your Potential, Prem Tao Personal Coaching, Mid-Brain Activation, becoming an Enlightened Billionaire, to name a few. The learning is still on and will continue till the last breath with The Grace of the Masters. 

The science of Sound Healing was also taught to us by Guruji.

Guru Kripa Hi Kevalam!

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